Hands-on Cosmetic Gynaecology Training

ICCG Courses are the only training programs in Cosmetic Gynaecology, where each & every candidate is given complete hands-on training on latest cutting-edge technologies. ICCG courses are the first, & presently the only structured CosGyn training program anywhere in the world to train its grads on Vaginal Radio-frequency Micro-needling (RFMN), which is the latest path-breaking addition to the modalities which can be used for Vaginal Rejuvenation, Labial Majora Rejuvenation, in non-surgical management of Female Urinary Incontinence, in management of Vulval Lichen Sclerosis & many associated conditions. Of course, ICCG Grads are also exposed to all other state of the art technologies, which include all available kinds of lasers which can be safely used in Vulvo-Vaginal area, HIFEM & FMS technologies, all Vulvo-Vaginal radio-frequency devices, hands-on PRP preparation & the Vulvo-Vaginal Shots popularly called as KamaSutra Shot, O-Shot, V-Shot, F-Shot and much more.

ICCG Grads are also exposed to what is deceptive & harmful to practice, and things from which a Cosmetic Gynaecologist should stay away e.g. all those lasers which cause fibrosis in vagina, Shots like G-Shot which use HA Fillers which must not be injected in G-Spot area because of the risk of sudden deaths reported and many other devices being marketed where safety is a concern. Suffice to say, that anything which is not demonstrated at the ICCG Training is either unsafe to use, or is obsolete and has got no role to play in the safe & non-deceptive practice of Cosmetic Gynaecology, & each & every ICCG Grad is given in-depth knowledge on the reasons to be cautious from such things. Also, ICCG grads are given insight in the fact that Facial Aesthetics & Body Peeling is something which any Gynaecologist, who wants to practice Cosmetic Gynecology, must STAY AWAY from; because one, you start competing with beauty parlours & second, a bad facial aesthetic result can ruin your perfectly great Gynaecological practice also.

Cosmetic Gynaecology is a National Medical Commission approved subspecialty of Gynaecology unlike other Aesthetic Medicine or Cosmetic Surgery practices, where there has never been a D.M. or a M.Ch. program. Whereas, M.Ch. program in Cosmetic Gynaecology has been recognised by NMC since year 2020 and the credit goes to Professor Navneet Magon who was the Founder Head of Reconstructive & Cosmetic Gynaecology Division at AIIMS at the Rishikesh Campus & the Founder Program Director & Thesis Guide for M.Ch. Program in Cosmetic Gynaecology. Since Professor Dr Navneet Magon is now the Dean & Chief Trainer at ICCG, ICCG Grads are the only fortunate ones who are trained at the hands of the world’s first & presently the only university accredited teaching faculty of Cosmetic Gynaecology & with the same program which has been the part of the NMC approved M.Ch. curriculum, meaning that it is a scientifically & clinically robust training program.

Rest, the pictures shared on the official Facebook Page of ICCG (https://www.facebook.com/COSGYN) speak a million words. Check through the pictures how the teacher first demonstrates, then holds the hands to train each & every ICCG Grad & then gradually lets them take over independently.

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