Preceptorship Program

This is a unique premium program, developed to cater to the specific clinical and surgical interests of the participating physician. Participant engages in one-on-one clinical and surgical learning, shadows the ICCG Lead faculty who is the Preceptor, learning the best surgical practices and operational strengths. The participant is hand held to operate, the skills taken to perfection and chiselled into one of the Best Cosmetic Gynaecologist. A preceptorship program helps fill the gap between education & clinical environment, and supports the professional practice & surgical skill development of the participant. It uniquely helps to create positive learning experiences & relationships for the participant and finally improves patient outcomes and increases job satisfaction of the Cosmetic Gynaecologist. The participant finally gets the Preceptor as a Mentor for life.This is the best training in Cosmetic Gynaecology wherein you are mentored by the best gynaecologist, Dr Navneet Magon himself and his team, into the best techniques for signature vaginal rejuvenation, labiaplasty, hymenoplasty, lasers, RF, vaginal tightening for loose vagina, vaginal shots, female incontinence surgeries, pelvic floor reconstruction, prolapse surgery, clitoris surgery, clitoral hood reduction, perineoplasty, vaginoplasty, and complete functional, regenerative and aesthetic aspects of cosmetic gynaecology.

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Who is Eligible?
Fully trained specialists who have successfully trained with ICCG and have cleared the membership exam of the College. A diploma in cosmetic gynaecology and a fellowship in cosmetic gynaecology from ICCG are helpful.

Preceptorships can be arranged for six months to one year, depending on the participant’s keenness to learn, availability of the ICCG Lead faculty as well as program complexity.
Fees varies and is individualized, depending on the program duration and structure. Please note the fees are exclusive of travel and accommodations.
Application Policies
You may mail to ICCG anytime at expressing your interest to enrol for a preceptorship program. Once preceptorship vacancies are open, you are notified and an application is to made by the applicant. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that all information and supporting documents provided are authentic and accurate. ICCG reserves the right to request additional information or verification of information and documents submitted. If an applicant is unable to do so, we reserve the right to withdraw consideration of the application. Due to the large volume of applications we receive, there is normally a long waiting for preceptorships, since this is the most premium program globally.
Documents Required

  • Up-to-date CV/Resume.
  • Personal Statement – one page addressing your interest in this program.
  • Proof of membership of ICCG
  • All documents submitted must be in:
    • English
    • PDF, DOC or DOCX format