How to become a Cosmetic Gynecologist: Join a ICCG Cosmetic Gynaecology Fellowship program in India

Fellowship in Cosmetic Gynaecology

Fellowship in Cosmetic Gynaecology, the best cosmetic gynecology training in India, can be from 6 months to 3 years and is a unique ultra-premium program, tailor-made to cater to specific clinical and surgical interests of the participating physician. Fellows engage in one-on-one clinical, non-surgical and surgical learning, shadow the ICCG Lead faculty who is the Preceptor, learning best clinical practices & operational strengths. ICCG Cosmetic Gynecology fellowship provides the best training in cosmetic gynaecology.Fellowship in Cosmetic Gynaecology, the best cosmetic gynecology training in India A Cosmetic Gynaecology fellowship program helps fill the gap between education & clinical environment, and supports the professional practice & surgical skill development of the fellow in the subspecialty of Cosmetic Gynaecology. The fellow finally gets the Best Cosmetic Gynecologist in the World, Professor Navneet Magon as guide & a Mentor for life.

Fellowship is a full time residential program and the fellows are given exposure at various Elle Sante Centres for making it sure that they get a variety in terms of clinical experience as well as experience of working in centres of different levels. Fellows do engage in day to day clinical work of the centres. A research project and a publication is mandatory requirement to be finished within the period of fellowship.

That said, fellowships are very high in demand and are only granted after a thorough process which include a specially designed academic & aptitude testing followed by one-on-one interaction with Dean, ICCG. Examination for entrance to fellowship programs are announced by the College from time to time, and can also be specially arranged for a deserving fellow prospect. 

The fees for fellowship program is INR 2.5 lacs plus GST per month for Indian passport holders & USD 5000 per month for American passport holders, Euro 5000 per month for European & other Passport holders. To apply for a fellowship with ICCG under Professor Navneet Magon, write an email to us or get in touch with us on WhatsApp.  

There is a very common question: “How to become a Cosmetic Gynecologist?”

The only answer to this is: Join a ICCG “Fellowship in Cosmetic Gynaecology” with Professor Magon and become a top Cosmetic Gynaecologist.