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Few of the most frequent questions which are asked by Gynaecologists across India to ICCG Faculty these days are:

QUES: Which Laser or Radio-Frequency device I should buy for my practice of Cosmetic Gynaecology?

QUES: Which Magnetic Chair or Stool should I buy for Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation?

QUES: There is a Laser Company organising a training, which is “cheap” or “free”. Should I attend?

Honest answers to these questions are not easy. It needs in-depth knowledge which is not influenced by any industry stakeholder.

What is needed is a good, unbiased & unprejudiced training into Cosmetic Gynaecology, which equips you with enough knowledge on Laser Physics, differences between the ablative & non-ablative lasers, differences between solid state lasers (e.g. Eb-YAG), molecular gas lasers (e.g. CO2) & semi-conductor based lasers (e.g. diode). There are inherent differences between both safety profile & strength of these lasers. You need a training which equips you with knowledge on various kinds of radio-frequency devices like monopolar, bi-polar, multi-polar RF and fusion devices. There are surely differnces in various types of RF devices. You need a training which tells you about comparative differnces in efficacy & more importantly, cost-efficacy of various electromagnetic chairs / stool devices. You need a training from the faculty with years of experience of using various devices and with the ability of give you knowledge based on firm scientific evidences coupled with longest first hand experience on multiple devices. And of course, if any laser / RF company is organising a training, it is obvious that it is organising it with the motive to enhance its sales. It is a TRAP to influence you to buy that particular device & not a educational training.

Training in Lasers is NOT training in Cosmetic Gynaecology. Any device which you will purchase, that company will eventually train you in using that device. But before you buy any devices, you need knowledge on how to choose which one to buy, and which device suits your practice the best. And more importantly, how to select the right patients for the right device.

And no one else gives you that knowledge except the ICCG Courses, which are totally free of any influence from industry stake-holders and provide the most unbiased & in-depth training into all aspects of Cosmetic Gynaecology including the Energy Based Devices.

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