Why ICCG Grads are the best trained Cosmetic Gynaecologists across the globe?

It is now established that ICCG Grads are the best trained Cosmetic Gynaecologists across the globe.

At times, people wonder what are the reasons which make ICCG grads the best? I am an ICCG Grad myself and want to share two reasons with you all today.

Obviously, the first & foremost reason for this is that they are trained by the world’s only university accredited teaching & training faculty in Cosmetic Gynaecology, Professor Navneet Magon.

Second, all ICCG grads are exposed to each & every cutting-edge technology, which is safe to use & which has any role in Cosmetic Gynaecology, even the slightest. Only those technologies are kept out, which are unsafe to use & ICCG Grads are taught in details the reasons for that.

ICCG training is based on two fundamental principles, first being “Primum non Nocere” meaning “First, do no harm” & second principle being “Practice of Non-deceptive Cosmetic Gynaecology”. Therefore, if anything isn’t visible being used in an ICCG training program, the only reason is that the safety of the same on vulvo-vaginal area is doubtful, and therefore, putting the principles mentioned above in practice, it is kept away to prevent any potential harm. That said, the ICCG grads are still taught about the same in details.

ICCG has been the first & the only training program in the world to expose its students with a complete hands-on experience on all types of Energy Based Devices which are safe: lasers including Eb-YAG Smooth & Diode; all types of radio-frequency: monopolar, bipolar & multipolar; Vaginal EMS, HIFEM & FMS & even Vaginal RF Micro-Needling which has never been taught in any structured CosGyn training program anywhere. As I earlier said, all technologies which are safe, effective & sustainable are used extensively in all ICCG programs. Before giving a hands-on, all trainees are first taught & demonstrated each & every technology in details. And thereafter, ICCG’s lead faculty & the world’s best Cosmetic Gynaecologist & the best teacher, best Gynaecologist, Dr Navneet Magon himself hand holds each & every candidate to train them to perform themselves. Many pictures which depict the same are shared on the official Facebook page of ICCG: https://www.facebook.com/COSGYN

This makes us all the world’s best trained Cosmetic Gynaecologists and we all are the PROUD ICCG GRADS

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