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Apart from the surgical procedures, cutting edge technology, ranging from completely non-invasive to minimally invasive modalities, if used correctly on the correct patient in the correct manner, can help in management of certain grades of SUI & Urgency Incontinence.
In the Urogynaecology Diploma Course, ICCG Grads are taught how to evaluate a patient, how to decide which patient would be benefitted from non-surgical management & which patient shall not be benefitted from non-surgical management & only need surgery, how to choose the correct technology and also, how to use the correct technology. Each & every ICCG Grad is given complete hands-on training, supervised by the expert ICCG Faculty.
It is only in the ICCG training that candidates are exposed to all technologies, and without any industry influence, taught all pros & cons based on firm scientific principles which is also assisted by the experience of Professor Navneet Magon in the field, who is the pioneer in the field, the first to introduce the use of EBDs in Gynaecology in India and has the widest & biggest accumulated experience in this field globally.

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